Matt Shearsmith


Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Using simple colours and imagery to send a powerful message. This was the main focus of my project called “HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW”. The idea was to show the future of animals and how they may soon become extinct if we do nothing about it. Both poster designs were created using screen printing, which creates a more vibrant imagery. Along with the posters, I created a book, which shows more information on certain animals and how they may become extinct. Included are red filtered glasses which aim to highlight certain aspects of the design.


Nottingham Loves design idea

Nottingham Loves, Young creatives competition. Creating a poster to show the contemporary side of Nottingham. It is based off the shape of the Nottingham contemporary building.


The Shining

Poster I created for Swiss style design project - This non-profit project intends to be a showcase of inspiration and promotion for all the lovers of swiss style design.


Alzheimers awareness campaign 

Creating a campaign for Alzheimer’s in order to bring awareness to the public. Making people more conscious of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and the effect it can have on a person and their family.