The Food Doctor


The Brief

The Food Doctor had a full rebrand and needed to relaunch across all digital platforms. I worked closely with the team from the early concept and wire-framing sessions to the final website launch. It was my responsibility to provide a clear solution in the form of a refreshing UI/UX that complemented the brand. In under 4 months we were able to create a brand new website and go live. I had a continual relationship with the brand manager to ensure we remained faithful to the brand whilst being as creative as possible and always exploring new ideas.

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A visual message

It was important to keep a clear and concise message with the branding and provide an interesting solution to the brief. I worked with another branding studio who provided all the illustrative elements. It was my job to make sure these translated onto the digital platform and to think of ways to explore these assets. One of these was using the kaleidoscope above as a way to generate ingredients.

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Building an online presence

Not long after the launch of the full site I created the design for the external blog site along with new email templates. The blog had to feel different to the mine site not just in terms of content but also in terms of overall design. Considering The Food Doctor promotes healthy living, I felt the design needed to reflect that and be simple and easy to interact with. 

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